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Branzei, Monoky - AFRA EP [Delicious Recordings]

Next on Delicious Recordings, we have an explosive EP by Branzei and Monoky, two extremely talented artists that are working hard to get the recognition they deserve. The little details on this tracks are straight fire, make sure to listen to them on a good sound system or head phones.

1)Branzei - AFRA (Original Mix)

The first track of the EP has a powerful groove that presents some well thought tribal flavors. A very special sound that Branzei is known for.

2)Branzei, Monoky - Testing (Original Mix)

Next we have the collaboration with the great Monoky. This two maniacs team up to present an insanely destructive bomb. Amazing synthwork from start to finish. Get ready to ride baby.

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