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Delicious Mastering By Samuel Dan

Coming up on the Delicious roster of services we have the "Delicious Mastering By Samuel Dan". It´s a top quality service, not only on Masterings but Mixing and a pair of more interesting things too. Just check out whats it all about at:

But to actually know the true quality of this service, first we have to ask ourselves:

¿Who is actually Samuel Dan?

Samuel is a Spanish Music Producer and Dj. He has an succesful ongoing 15 year career on the music industry, playing in countries like Spain, Germany, France, Egypt, Ethiopia, India, Peru, Chile, Rusia, Colombia, Brazil, UK and many more. He has releasead on internationally acclaimed records like Toolroom, Elrow, Dirty Bird, Suara, Material and his own label ERYN.

Having such an incredibly succesful career as an underground artist, playing as a DJ and releasing music world wide is the best proof that the sound quality that Samuel achieves is actually priceless.

Check out what the Delicious Masterings are about at:

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