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Delicious Sample Packs

Today we want to talk to you about something very special that has been going on at the Delicious Recordings website, it´s our Sample Packs store.

I´ts been a while since the first pack came out, and now, after a lot of work, we are happy to say that we have an extent library of sounds to offer. This is aimed to help producers from all around the world achieve a professional sound quality through the most affordable price.

Currently we have wide variety of sample packs at the store consisting of all kinds of sounds fit for various genres.

Here they are:

Delicious Modern Tech-House By The Ger-Man:

Sample Pack made by The Ger-Man with all his secrets on music production for modern Tech-House Music.


  • 103 WAV Loops

Delicious Modern Deep-Tech By Davide T

Sample pack made by Davide T containing top quality sounds made specially for producing some groovy Deep-Tech.


  • 89 WAV Loops

Acid Tech Vol. 1 By Jean Bacarreza

If you are searching for more Tech-House beats for your productions, in this sample pack you will find a nice variety of beats, synths, effects and vocals made by Jean Bacarreza.


  • 35 Bass Loops

  • 8 Efx Loops

  • 38 Synth Loops

  • 81 Samples

Synthdrums Vol. 1 By Jean Bacarreza

If you are looking for some Modern Melodic Techno sounds this is the right sample pack for you.


  • 20 Clap Loops

  • 20 Hat Loops

  • 15 Kick Loops

  • 62 Misc Perc Loops

  • 117 Samples

Moog Subsequent 37 Melodic Techno Vol. 1 By Jean Bacarreza

If you wanted to use the sound of the Moog Subsequent 37 on your production this is your chance, a whole pack of sounds made by Jean Bacarreza.


  • 26 Bass Loops

  • 14 Synth Loops

  • 40 Samples

Modern Tech-House Vol. 2 By Jean Bacarreza

A big variety of beats made fit for the most demanding Tech-House labels.


  • 10 303 Bass Loops

  • 2 Atmos Loops

  • 25 Bass Loops

  • 7 Clap Loops

  • 16 Fill In Loops

  • 7 Efx Loops

  • 9 Hat Loops

  • 2 Kick Loops

  • 11 Perc Loops

  • 3 Riser Loops

  • 26 Synth Loops

  • 30 Top Loops

  • 17 Vox Loops

  • 165 Samples

Delicious Modern Tech-House Kicks By Jean Bacarreza

A pack of Top Quality Kick made to solve all your kick-related problems.


  • 28 808 Kicks

  • 18 909 Kicks

Delicious Modern Tech-House Vol. 1

An amazing variety of sounds at you disposal made specially for House music production.


  • 19 Bass Loop

  • 14 Efx

  • 13 Fill In Loops

  • 19 Kick Loops

  • 13 Synth Loops

  • 15 Top Loops

  • 16 Vocal Loops

  • 109 Samples

That is all of them, we hope you liked what you saw.

See on the next article!

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Jhonatan Castro
Jhonatan Castro
Feb 02, 2022

lo quiero

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