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DJ SUSAN - Matador EP [Delicious Recordings]

It is with great honor that we welcome to the Delicious Recordings family, the legend from U.S.A, DJ SUSAN. Out now on Delicious Recordings we have the release by none other than DJ SUSAN, the DJ/Producer that's been working hard like no other since his debut. Not only he's releasing some amazing music on the best labels from all around the world but he also runs the top selling label Hood Politics. On top of all his success he has proven to be a loving person and someone who cares for the community, always spreading positive messages through his social media, he literally carries enough good vibes to light up any room he comes into. Today we present the Matador EP, out on Delicious Recordings.

1)DJ Susan - Matador (Original Mix)

2)DJ Susan - Matador (Morpei & Monoky Remix)

3)DJ Susan - Matador (Hassio (COL) Remix)

4)DJ Susan - Matador (Enzo Amoruccio Remix)

5)DJ Susan - Down Under (Original Mix)

6)DJ Susan - Down Under (Save As Remix)

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