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Feelgood - You Now EP [Playmobil]

Delicious Recordings Boss Feelgood has been putting out straight fire with every release he has and the feed back of this amazing EP with Out_Ctrl shows out what he is capable of doing. This past 11th of October has marked a new chapter on his career, the EP recently reached #40 on the overall Tech-House releases chart on Beat Port and the track You Now climbed to #36 on the Tech-House Hype chart becoming the most sold track made by Feelgood. This is just the tip of the iceberg of many things this Brazilian artist has in store for us.

1)Feelgood - You Now (Original Mix) [Playmobil]

I´ts no wonder this track has been doing so good lately. It is a Tech-House banger ideal for peak hours. The beat is put together with the melody and sound effects with a technique like no other. This is truly a master piece that will be shaking dance floors for a long time.

2)Feelgood, Out_Ctrl - Take A Bite Now (Original Mix) [Playmobil]

This bomb has been tested all around the world and it does more than a job well done. The vocals shine through the massive groove. The silence parts build up to impressive drops. It has that spice that can make every body put their hands up and scream. Quite a master piece.

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