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FreedomB - Fool Aber Cool EP [Delicious Recordings]

The next release on Delicious Recordings has the Spanish talent FreedomB present his Tech-House vibes through a old-school style bomb, accompained by two great remixes made by the internationally acclaimed Andre Salmon, Kricked and Jean Bacarreza.

1)FreedomB - Fool Aber Cool (Original Mix)

The first track of the Ep is an intense Tech-House tune. The big bass along with the percussive work groove seamlessly all along. It has a lot of crazy details that make this a perfect dancefloor destroyer.

2)FreedomB - Fool Aber Cool (Andre Salmon, Kricked Remix)

This track is made specially for late hours, where the people need something strong to dance to. A Tech-House Bomb that elevates the vibes on the dancefloor.

3)FreedomB - Fool Aber Cool (Jean Bacarreza Remix)

This tune is a Nasty Tech-House that has a very big vibe. It´s the type of explosive track that makes people come back from the dead when they feel the drop.

4)FreedomB - Fool Aber Cool (Kaysin Remix)

The last track on the EP is a true banger, the Bass has a nice melodic taste that has a original vibe to it. The groove on this one refreshes the dancefloor after an intense dance session.

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