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Interview - 5prite

On our third interview for the Delicious Recordings Website we have the Extremely Talented Bulgarian Dj and Producer, 5prite.

To let people know more about this legendary artist, we made this interview consisting of 10 simple questions hoping to make you understand why 5prite is such an amazing artist!

1) Would you consider yourself a Perfectionist?

Perferctionist... hmzzzz. Yes and No! I bring 110% of me when i do something, no matter if this is making mixdown of new track or playing sport with friends I’m really stuborn and never step backish person. Only when i play music i really leaving my inner me to lead and keeping myself away from trying to be perfect. That way i preffer “Less Thinking More Fun” way... enjoy music and let people see your love and passion... but this is also a important lesson you learn as part of be the best “You”.

2)How would you describe your music?

My music is hardly influenced of 80’s Electro Funk and New Jack Swing. I was maniac back in the days in collecting the music i like. Tapes, CDs, Vinyls... everything i was able to afford as kid. So all this mania reflected on me as producer. If i have to describe my music with one word it will be fonkyshakebootygroovyshit  3.What´s your work day like?

In normal day with no gigs i’m up about 9 to 10 in the morning. Taking a light breakfast and than hiting the gym. Next lunch... (actually i’m a food maniac too and love to cook) usualy i need like 1 hour to relax with movie before hit the Ableton. Next few hours i dedicate of making music. Depend of the mood i have this could be 2 or 5-6 hours with little break for another short snacky time. Rest of the day i spend with my girlfriend or hang out with friends... no surprises here lol 4)Did you always want to be an artist?

Yes, i always being into the scene thing but i came to djing and making mysic into my very late 20’s. Everyone said i’m late to go in that direction and i said f*** off to everyone and look at me now 5)What gives you the most Joy?

When i see people really enjoy the music i’m making is priceless. Other way i love the good mood and i’m really happy to see the smile into the eyes of people arround me  6)If we could take a look at the artists you are listening to, who

would be on your playlist?

This would take a long jorney ... It’s safe to say that there is a lot of Delicious Recordings music in my playlist.   7)Would you have any advice for artists wanting to follow in your footsteps?

Never give up your dream!!! 8)Why do you use that artist name?

Well it’s childhood monicker and later on when i started my music jorney a friend dj came with the idea to use 5 insted of S and unexpectedly for me people start calling me Fiveprite.

9)Which famous musicians do you admire?

I admire producers duos as LA Face & Babyface, Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis for creating of 65% of the songs I like and Teddy Rilley for creating New Jack Swing. Uncle Charlie Wilson as my fav singer ..:  Lately i admire Bruno Mars as well.  From electronic scene i will paid respect to my fellow bulgarian producers in the face of Kink and Metodi Hristov for making me believe that our small country could do a waves in the worldwide electronic world.

10)If you could choose any career besides Music what could it be?

I decline to accept some other possibilities


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