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Interview - Alvaro Smart

This time we present a special interview, made to a special friend of the Delicious Recordings family, for us, he is one of the most talented music producer and DJ in all of Europe, he is none other than the Spanish legend, Alvaro Smart. We hope this questions let fans know something interesting about this amazing artist.

1)What is your favorite food?

I have no doubts! “Paella” is a Spanish rice dish originally from Valencia. I also love

ravioli stuffed with spinach, ricotta with tomato salsa and tuna. It’s all about

mediterranean food!

2)How would you describe your music?

I always try to create fresh and catchy music. I love vocals on tracks and simple melodies.

Then I put special atention to the basics of a track like a strong kick and claps within a

heavy bassline. I like to add some variety on my discography so you can find more tech or

more house but always keeping my oldschool style.

I think a good producer should surprise to his audience in every release.

3)Whats your work day like?

I like to keep an order and a daily work routine. At least from Monday to Friday.

When I wake up I like to take a shower and eat a healthy breakfast. Then I go to the gym

that helps me to have a good mental state. Then, I work on my label, Space Invaders and

Material Series where I am A&R. I always try to work hard so I spend a big number of hours

in my studio to do my best on labels and my own productions.

4)Did you always want to be an artist?

I was always a music lover but around 2000’s. was in “La Real” an iconic club in North Of

Spain where I watched for first time artists like Marco Carola, Carl Cox, Claude Young,

Oscar Mulero, DJ Rush and many more.. when I felt that I would want to create music.

Some years later I fulfill my dream to do various dj set in that awesome club.

5)What gives you the most joy?

When I receive an anonym message from somebody who loves my music, that’s the

reason to keep up the work. TOP100, DJ Supports, Sales or signing on the biggies of the

game are also really nice but to touch the heart of anybody its priceless.

6)If we could take a look at the artists you are listening to, who

would be on your playlist?

I will put 10 of my favs producers this year!

Mihalis Safras, The Deepshakerz, Rone White & Rowen Clark, Piem, NightFunk, David

Museen & Erik Christiansen, Jean Bacarreza, Lebaron James, VLTRA (IT)

7)Would you have any advice for artists wanting to follow in your footsteps?

This is a hard and long career, nothing ensures success even if you are a talent guy and

work hard everyday, then you need at lesat a 50% of good luck. Not everybody admit this

but last week I watched Woody Allen to say something similar and that fits 100% with my


This is a free access business, no need to superate any exam or something so you could

find dj/producers that are actually instagramers, models so you need to swallow with that.

So better to do your own sh*t and forget others. Talk with your real colleagues and try to

superate track by track.

8)What first got you into music?

Everything started when I was only a child and I watched old vinyls and cassetes from “Hits

of 50’s”, then 60s, 80s, 90s.. I really loved that old grooves so I decided to keep discovering

new music, from classic to rock, from dance to hardcore and finally I found my way into

house and tech house.

9)Which famous musicians do you admire?

Michael Jackson it’s for me the best artist of all time.

Then I also love Elvis Presley, James Brown, BB King.

I love too the Motown records from 80s, that’s the real funk!

10)If you could choose any career besides Music what could it be?

I used to work as Apple Technician so I think I would keep working with computers!

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