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Loulou Players & FeelGood - Move Me EP [Delicious Recordings]

Coming up on Delicious Recordings we have a very strong release. It´s a collaboration between Delicious Recordings Boss FeelGood and Loulou Records owner Loulou Players! This combination does not forgive, this two masters of sound have put together two insane tracks that are absolutely impressive.

For this EP we have: not 2, not 3, but 4 remixes by very big international talents: Dmitri Saidi, Jean Bacarreza, Samuel Dan and Tough Art.

1) LouLou Players & FeelGood - Move Me (Original Mix)

Belgium and Brazil on this epic collaboration comes up with this master piece. The groove has a mighty attitude, the sound effects are crazy and the little details really shine over the amazing beat.

2)LouLou Players & FeelGood - Move Me (Dmitri Saidi Remix)

Made to destroy dancefloors and shoes. This track makes people at the party go crazy, we are not playing, be careful, with great power comes great responsability.

3)Loulou Players & FeelGood - Move Me (Jean Bacarreza Remix)

A heavy bassline that is straght fire. Tech house bomb with a little House flavor, presented with a extremely powerful groove is such a perfect combination.

4)LouLou Players & FeelGood - Move Me (Samuel Dan Remix)

The type of hard hitting bomb that is sure to hype everybody up. The bassline on this track is just mercyless, it destroys the dancefloor like no othe track.

5)LouLou Players & FeelGood - Move Me (Tough Art Remix)

An old school vibe combined with new sounds is the recipe for this banger. Get ready for a nice groove and intense synths.

6)LouLou Players & FeelGood - Shake Dance The Beat (Original Mix)

Another Bomb to end the EP. This time it´s a Tech-house banger with crazy sound effects and a lot of work put to the different details that give life to this incredible tune.

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