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Master Champions - Jean Bacarreza´s Master Class VA

The last Master Class presented by the Delicious Boss, Jean Bacarreza, had an amazing harvest. Here we present you the true champions that made it to the special VA made to show case this new talents. We feel very happy to introduce so much new faces to the music industry!

1)BeMore, Solarium - Get High (Original Mix)

2)Bruxxo - Limbo (Original Mix)

3)Daddato & Unk. Art - Wanna Want (Original Mix)

4)Jackks - The Way U Got Me (Original Mix)

5)LINZ - Energy (Original Mix)

6)GARCIA & TECNIK - Dancing (Original Mix)

7)Dj Minelli & Cavalli - Paradise Garage (Original Mix)

8)R A M A - You Got To Believe (Original Mix)

9)Zone7 - Crazy Things At Night (Original Mix)

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