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Piero Scratch - Sunshine Groove EP

We´ve got an Epic new EP coming out this Friday November 8th, it´s a nice trio of dance floor killers ready to rock even the most demanding crowd. An amazing track presented by the Italian boss Piero Scratch and two remixes, one straight out of Bulgaria made by 5prite and the other one crafted by the talented German duo Dry & Bollinger.

1)Piero Scratch - Sunshine Groove(Original Mix)

This Track does wonders on the dance floor, the thick bassline is a personal favorite and it grooves perfectly with the solid kick, snappy snare and the crunchy hi hats. On top of that, the vocals and synth work are amazing.

2)Piero Scratch - Sunshine Groove (5prite Remix)

Couldn´t expect less from 5prite, at 122 BPM this remix is a true gem, it can turn a warm up into an intense dance session in seconds.

3)Piero Scratch - Sunshine Groove (Dry & Bollinger Remix)

This track presents the distinctive Dry & Bollinger sound that has put them on the spotlight. A peak-hour track that´s bound to make everybody put their hands up on every drop.

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